Corporate Sector


motivationApart from acting as MC at corporate events or entertaining audiences with my unique blend of humour, I also do motivational talks based on years of study and experience in selling intangible things like insurance and radio commercials. I normally present these talks for sales teams in English to accommodate the diversity of the audience. Fortunately everybody has the same goal! All the knowledge of your product and the best sales techniques mean absolutely nothing if you are not motivated enough to apply it.

Companies often require a mixture of humour and entertainment, blended with solid take home content that is easy to apply and will boost everyone’s performance. This is my goal too! Years on radio taught me that even a serious message has to be delivered in an entertaining way to be effective.

This is not a standard “one size fits all” talk as I often have to adjust the content to suit the particular theme of a conference or product launch. However, in general attendees will take home the following:

# Can anybody achieve success or is it reserved for only a preselected few? What is the difference between successful and less successful people?

# There are only two things that motivate people. What are they and how can you use them to your advantage?

# Some say motivation is like a hot bath in winter – it gets cold quickly! How to give your motivation a boost whenever you need it. Apply these easy practical steps and success quickly becomes a habit – much to the surprise of your mother in law!

# Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond. That’s why some people remain hopeful under exactly the same circumstances that leave others despondent. But why does everything go A1 on some days while on other days everything seems to go wrong?

# We like people that are “on the same frequency” as ourselves, and that goes for customers too. Do you know you can easily change your frequency to attract more business?

I’d love to add value to your organisation too! Try something new and book me! Drop me an e-mail to and don’t forget to mention when and where you want me to speak, and if you have a specific theme or other requirements. It will save both of us precious time.

Full steam ahead!